Shapes Precision Manufacturing (SPM) evolved from the acquisition of Shapes Group Ltd. in July of 2012, which was effectively the re-
formed management team of its predecessor, Accudyne Corporation. Accudyne was an aerospace and defense contract manufacturer, founded over 30 years prior. Working out of a rented building in Palm Bay, FL, Accudyne was a manufacturing job shop that provided build-to-print services on components and assemblies for various commercial and military Florida-based OEM’s including Raytheon, Motorola, and Harris-Melbourne.

In 1995 Accudyne Corporation expanded into an owner-occupied 65,000 sq. ft. facility in Palm Bay, Florida. Soon after moving to the new location, operations were redirected to focus on the manufacture of flat panels for various industries. In the 2000-2003 period, Accudyne was restructured
and changed its name to Shapes Group Ltd Co. adding manufacturing capabilities for aerodynamic structures and products for aircraft, marine and auto racing markets.

Shortly after restructuring, in an effort to better stabilize sales, management focused the company on the manufacture of parts for the commercial aviation and military markets. In support of the needs of these markets, the company made significant capital investments in machining centers with multi-axis, high speed and tight tolerance, large format machining capability, and electro discharge machining (EDM). In addition, the company bolstered the fabrication department with purchases of equipment to perform welding, titanium processing, bending, rolling, piercing, punching and forming. The company also added limited heat-treat and stress relief capabilities.

To better support production, a more robust quality inspection department was formed, including the addition of non-destructive testing and coordinate-measuring machine inspection equipment. In the engineering department, investments were made in CAD/CAM software. Through this transition, business relationships were developed with various sub-tier commercial aviation and defense suppliers, including Parker-Hannifin, Dassault/SABCA, SAFRAN/Technofan, Textron, the US Navy, and various aircraft retrofit companies.

In mid-July 2012, a private investment fund acquired Shapes Group with the goal of improving the operations of the business to better adhere to Customer delivery schedules. The investment fund planned on improving up-front processes, implementing a fully integrated ERP system with a focus on the MRP-side of the system (scheduling and planning). The investment fund also planned to hire operations management to implement these changes.

In early-2014, in an effort to better reflect the new strategy of the company, Shapes rebranded itself as Shapes Precision Manufacturing (SPM). The new strategy focused the company on strengthening its core capabilities of machining, welding, and fabrication, and selectively enhancing its manufacturing capability-set with the addition of new processes and technologies. This was reinforced by building a robust and experienced engineering department with an in-depth knowledge of its manufacturing capabilities. The strategy hinged upon the belief that SPM’s diverse set of capabilities allowed it to act as a single source supplier for its Customers, allowing the company to:

  • fully control the quality of nearly every product (because manufacturing capabilities do not need to be outsourced);
  • better manage lead times and absorb fluctuations inherent in manufacturing (in contrast to managing outsourced operations across several suppliers); and
  • work with Customers on design-for-manufacturability and design-for-cost.

Additionally, this strategy of a capability-focused, single-source supplier provides SPM’s Customers the ability to consolidate their supply chains and thereby reduce the time and cost associated with managing multiple suppliers.

Throughout this period, SPM transitioned some existing Customers, bolstered its relationship with others, and formed wholly new relationships with Customers looking to capitalize on SPM’s sole-source strategy. Notable additions to SPM’s Customer base included Space Exploration Technologies (or Space X), Pratt & Whitney, and General Electric. SPM continues to build these relationships, forming the foundation of a long-term business partnerships.

In March 2015 SPM initiated it’s “Journey To Operational Excellence” with a plan to implement the state-of-the-art IFS ERP/MRP System in January 2016, and began working with Florida MEP to integrate lean manufacturing throughout all phases of the company. Both actions are part of “The Shapes of Things to Come” strategy.

Today, SPM is Converting Aspirational Ideologies Into Operational Realities with a clear focus on supporting Customer’s needs for timely deliveries of both products and services while meeting the industry’s highest quality standards – all at a lower total cost to its Customers. SPM accomplishes this with a highly skilled and experienced workforce, by integrating manufacturing technologies, and building and maintaining systems and processes that add value to its Customers.

The team at SPM looks forward to building its long term business relationships by consistently exceeding its Customers’ expectations.