Our Approach

At Shapes Precision Manufacturing (Shapes), we provide a single-source solution for high-quality, customer manufacturing components. Our primary approach to integrated manufacturing services puts out industry-leading systems deliverable to our clients to ensure that their products perform exactly how they are meant to through precise design and execution.

How We Do It

With our manufacturing engineering systems, a team of knowledgeable engineers, and our highly-trained staff, our industry experience is unmatched. Our engineers collaborate closely with our customer design teams from the beginning of the product planning process. Our approach fosters innovation across our company and helps us optimize each component manufactured through Shapes.

Concurrent Engineering

Our manufacturing system incorporates concurrent engineering on all programs. Our experienced Engineers coordinate with our clients’ existing Engineers, working independently and in tandem, to develop solutions better than either team could come up with on its own. As a result, Shapes produces parts that have benefitted from our Value-Added processing that ensure quality performance with on-time delivery.

Journey to Operational Excellence

In March of 2015, Shapes launched the “Journey to Operational Excellence” plan. This plan was designed to renew our commitment to quality performance excellence and a continuation of cultural improvement. Built on five pillars, The Journey to Operational Excellence informs and educates individuals involved with the company.

This includes:

  1. Roadmap to world-class performance – designed to create high-performing processes to transform ongoing culture and continuous improvement.

  2. Strategy deployment – designed to translate our business strategy into measurable initiatives, projects, and metrics displayed across all levels of the organization.

  3. Business systems – designed to integrate a formal ERP system for all performance tracking metrics.

  4. Tools & training – here, we focus on Lean and Six Sigma tools in partnership with Florida Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP).

  5. Continuous improvement process – this process utilizes the Achieving Competitive Excellence (ACE) operating system to focus on our strengths, customers, and work processes.